Lisbon, Portugal

View Over Lisbon
View of Lisbon, Portugal from Saint George Castle.

Alfama District Street Lisbon Portugal
The Alfama District, my favorite part of Lisbon. There was a seemingly endless maze of narrow streets just like this one.

Alfama District Street Lisbon
Another narrow street in the Alfama District.

Alfama District Lisbon
Beautiful blue building in the Alfama District.

Alfama Lisbon Portugal
View of the Alfama District from Saint George Castle.

Saint Georges Castle Stairs Lisbon
Most of Saint George Castle is draped in trees, so it was tough to get a good photo of it. However, it was a great place to explore and had many great viewpoints of Lisbon (like the bottom of this staircase).

Praco do Comercio Lisbon Portugal
Praça da Figueira, one of the main squares in Lisbon.

Lisbon Street

Time Out Market Lisbon Portugal
Time Out Market Lisbon. I’m kind of a conisour of European Markets and this is one of my favorites. There’s an endless amount of vendors making high quality dishes for 10 – 12 euros each.

Time Out Market Lisbon

Time Out Lisbon Food
Mmmmm…….. scallops, seaweed, and black risotto.

Lagos Beaches

Lagos Portugal
Lagos is one of those places where you plan on spending 2 nights, but end up spending 5. There’s good reason why this is one of my favorite places in Europe. Gorgeous beaches, friendly people, and fair prices. What more could you want?

Portugal Beach Lagos

Lagos Portugal Most Beautiful Beach

Lagos Portugal Ocean View

Lagos Portugal Boats

Lagos Portugal Gorgeous Beach
This beach was extremely treacherous to get down to, which is why there’s only a handful of people on it. Definitely worth the effort.

Lagos Portugal Best Ocean View

Lagos Ocean View Portugal

Lagos Portugal Best Beach

Lagos Portugal Best Beaches

Lagos Best Beaches

Lagos Beach

Lagos Old Town

Lagos Portugal Street
Lagos wasn’t just beautifal beaches, it also had a lovely old town, good reastaurants, and a vibrant nightlife.

Lagos Portugal Main Street

Lagos Portugal Buildings

Lagos Portugal Church

Tag Hostel Lagos Portugal
The last door on the right is Tag Hostel, where I stayed for 3 nights in Lagos.

Quinta da Regaleira

Quinta da Regaleira Palace Sintra Portugal
Quinta da Regaleira felt more like Lord of the Rings than the real world. The gardens surrounding the castle were filled with a maze of secret staircases and underground passageways.

Quinta da Regaleira Castle Sintra Portugal

Quinta da Regaleira Spiral Staircase
This spiral staircase led down to an underground passageway that was pitch black (glad I have a flashlight on my phone), which could be taken across the grounds.

Quinta da Regaleira Tower
That tower isn’t just for show, you can climb it for a great view over Sintra.

Quinta da Regaleira Trail Sintra Portugal
Quinta da Regaleira is located about 30 miles outside of Lisbon and can easily be reached by a train that takes ~50 minutes. Lisbon has a very dry landscape, so it was surprising to find the lush, green terrain surrounding Sintra.

Quinta da Regaleira Trail Sintra

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