View Over Dubrovnik’s Old Town Roof Tops

dubrovnik view from tower
Looking out across Dubrovnik from the City Walls, one of my favorite views in all of Europe!

dubrovnik tower view
View from Minceta Tower on the City Walls.

dubrovnik orange rooftops

dubrovnik lokrum island view

dubrovnik croatia

dubrovnik view from above
View from Fort Imperial, which is ~412 meters above Dubrovnik. It takes about an hour to hike up and is well worth the views.

dubrovnik locrum island

dubrovnik croatia church

Dubrovnik City Walls

city walls dubrovnik
Dubrovnik’s Old City Walls from Lovrijenac Fortress.

dubrovnik croatia walls

city walls dubrovnik croatia
Looking down the City Walls with Lovrijenac Fortress in the distance on the right.

dubrovnik walls

dubrovnik city walls view
The City Walls is the main tourist attraction in Dubrovnik. While its quite busy and I don’t like overly touristy things, I really enjoyed this. It’s a nice long walk with gorgeous views every step of the way.

dubrovnik city walls from below
The City Walls at street level on the far east side (you have to climb many steep steps to get up to this point).

dubrovnik croatia city walls

Dubrovnik Old Town Streets

dubrovnik old town street
Looking down Straden Street from Dubrovnik’s City Walls.

dubrovnik straden street
Straden Street, which is Dubrovnik’s main thoroughfare inside of the City Walls. It’s quite touristy and was very busy when I was there (even in the shoulder season), but it didn’t take long to find quiet streets on either side.

dubrovnik narrow street
Off of Straden Street were many narrow corridors like this one with restaurants, shops, etc.

dubrovnik street steps
Inside Dubrovnik’s Old Town, there were many sets of steep stairs that would take you to the eastern edge of the City Walls. Few people would make the trek up, so the reward was a more peaceful part of the city.

dubrovnik looking down on narrow street
This is a view from the City Walls looking down the steps that you must climb to reach the eastern edge of the Old Town.

Dubrovnik Old Town Buildings

dubrovnik church of saint blaise
Church of Saint Blaise.

dubrovnik old building

dubrovnik house on the city walls
There were a few houses like this one that had direct access to the City Walls. What a place to live!

dubrovnik croatia building

Lovrijenac Fortress

lovrijenac fort dubrovnik croatia
Lovrijenac Fortress from the base of the City Walls. You can enter the fortress for a small fee, which provides one of the best views back towards the Old Town.

lovrijenac fortress
Lovrijenac Fortress from the City Walls.

coast view dubrovnik
I hiked north of Dubrovnik’s Old Town, where I was rewarded with gorgeous views down the coast. Dubrovnik’s City Walls are in the distance with the backside of Lovrijenac Fortress on the left.

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