1. Tour Eiffel

The classic way to spend a day at the Eiffel Tower. There’s plenty to see beyond the views (which are amazing!). On the various levels you’ll find restaurants, a champagne bar, gift shops, museums, and a glass floor. You can take the stairs up to the first two levels or take an elevator up to any of the 3 levels. Just pay attention to when you’re planning on going, as the elevator line can be quite long during peak season. However, there often isn’t much of a line to take the stairs up, even on the busiest of days.

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2. Wine & Cheese on the Lawn

Locked and loaded for the day!

This is not only my favorite way to experience the Eiffel Tower, but my favorite thing to do in Paris. It combines all of the things that Paris does exquisitely well. Best part is, its easy on the wallet. In a city that can be outrageously expensive, there is no better way to experience Paris if you’re on a budget. A decently good bottle of wine can be bought for €5 with the best cheese you’ve ever had for €3.

There’s 3 main areas to choose from:

  1. Champ de Mars – the main lawn, and most expansive, in front of the Eiffel Tower.
  2. Trocadéro – this lawn is across the River Seine. Just take the Pont d’Iéna bridge across.
  3. At the Base of the Eiffel Tower – I’m not sure what the official name of this area is, but there are plenty of grassy areas with trees providing a little shade when it gets hot (see picture below).


Eiffel Tower in Paris
My personal favorite area to relax around the Eiffel Tower!

3. Experience The Eiffel Tower at Night

Every evening, the Eiffel Tower sparkles for 5 minutes every hour on the hour (see video below). Champ de Mars Lawn stays alive well into the evening with vendors selling trinkets, wine, and beer (or take my advice above, and bring your own wine).

If you don’t feel like venturing out to the Eiffel Tower, there’s also plenty of rooftop bars around Paris to watch the light display. Here’s a few of my favorites – Lat Terrasse – Hotel RaphaelLes Ombres, and Deli-Cieux.

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