Why You Should Be Flying
Norwegian Air

Norwegian Air is Cheap, Dirt Cheap When choosing which airline to fly, there’s nothing more important than finding the cheapest price. On my recent trip to Scandinavia, I flew Norwegian Air from Los Angeles to Copenhagen….

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3 Days Wandering Around Stockholm

I spent 3 nights in Stockholm on a recent backpacking trip through Scandinavia. I’d always wanted to visit Stockholm, so it was a must stop on my itinerary. Perhaps I felt this way because Stockholm is widely considered one….

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Guide to Using Wi-Fi on Your iPhone

If you’re traveling for less than a month, you don’t always need to upgrade to an international phone plan, rent a phone, or buy a local SIM card. You can easily get by with just Wi-Fi on your iPhone, and best of all….

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Where Am I?

Pinehurst, North Carolina


Where Am I Going Next?

North Carolina
Wyoming (Yellowstone)
Western U.S. and Canada

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